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The essential setup & configuration steps.


There is a Feature List available, summarizing technical modules and mechanisms provided by the SeMoA framework as part of the current distribution.


We published several articles related to SeMoA in particular and mobile agents in general. Further, numerous theses supervised by us have been been completed in the context of SeMoA over the years.


The JavaDoc API documentation of the SeMoA classes, available online. The API can be generated easily from the distribution as well.


The SeMoA Code Conventions contains guidelines for writing Java code. More precisely, it refers to a number of existing style guides, and amends or modies them as to reflect the particular "flavour" which shall be promoted in this document.
There are also configuration files for code formatting available that are more or less compliant to these code conventions: Jindent (configuration), XEmacs (configuration), Eclipse (configuration), Jalopy (configuration), Checkstyle (configuration),